Just when I think I am in, Sadio Mane pushes me back out.

It has been a rough week for the Astoria branch at HotFooty. I could not fully enjoy the Leg 2 Europa League win against United as I was battling the flu. In general my post frequency was non existent over the last 10 days and I was looking forward to blogging the Southampton v. Liverpool game at 100%

Up 2-0 with a lovely long strike from Coutinho from his favorite position at the top of the box and Daniel Sturridge burying one low and away at the far corner I had a vision for a very positive blog post.

Right after the break Sadio Mane misses a PK after a Skrtel foul, so I am feeling like the winds are blowing in our favor and I have to do a few things around the house real quick.

Then Mane scores as I am walking outside to load up the car.

I had to see my wife off as she traveling for a month down to DC. I had to explain where the car insurance and registration forms are because she drives like an absent minded geriatric. Needless to say, I am stressed.

83′ Defensive midfield breaks down Graziano Pelle buried a scorcher that left Sebastian Mingolet grasping at air. Unstoppable.


What happened to the dominant first half Liverpool? I guess I will have to settle for a draw and 1 point?

Sakho gets burned and Sadio Mane picks up 3pts for Southamption in the 86′

I am sitting here on my couch in a daze after this 1-2 knockout punch. My wife is gone for a month so I am feeling a little cold and alone. I changed the channel and where I usually skip over Joel Osteen, I left it for a few minutes. I contemplated writing into him to ask why Joe Allen would attempt a midfield bicycle clearance.

Anyways, nothing he said made any sense and he just kept pointing up and away and smiling with his eyes shut. This just pissed me off more.

Joel summon up something for Liverpool against Borussia Dortmund. Send down that special sauce please.


Fact of the matter is both teams were equally matched and both deserve to be exactly where they are at the middle of the table and not even Jurgen Klopp cloaked in white can save Liverpool right now.

Happy Sunday, leave me alone.



Joel Osteen lives in a $10.5 million mansion…Jesus lived in a 1st century¬†two family walk up in Nazareth, discuss.

Nobody does it like your Mamadou…Sakho. He should wear a GoPro for these moments