I personally love this run of misfortune Jamie is on. Jamie has a very Puck from Real World feel to him just with a decent amount goal scoring talent added on. This past weekend he got sent off in the match against West Ham, then dropped some despicable language to the authorities (referee) and might see further disciplinary action because of it. To top it all off his usual fan favorite chant “Jamie Vardy’s Havin’ A Party” got the Puff Daddy ‘this is the remix’ treatment by the away fans from West Ham after his sending off:


The ability to coordinate this among the 2,000 or so fans on the spot is an unbelievable feat. I will forever be grateful for it. The perfect mix of sass, artistry, and stage presence. When HotFooty eventually launches its Broadway play production arm this away fan section will be first on the list to call. Watch your ass Hamilton.