It’s been a busy week at HotFooty.

I have not had time to give you a real preview of this epic clash and true test for this Red’s Squad.

In fact…the game is on as I write this.

So, I will give you a proclamation instead of substantive post.

Liverpool will beat Borussia Dortmund today (or draw).

Do we have the most consistent defense in the world…no! Do we have a world class striker…no!

But Klopp has transformed this team into a club that can accelerate in the second half. They are more fit and certainly faster.

This creates more opportunities for Coutinho to do his top-of-the-box winga-dinga bangarang and Lallana to spastically stumble into a scoring opportunity.

We are better and I am saying there is a chance!

“Watch me whip…Watch me Benteke!”