Some of the best arguments and discussions about the beautiful game happen in the heat of the moment with a pint in hand. That’s what this segment is about. In fact that is what HotFooty is about. This isn’t about talking heads having notes prepared by statisticians or guys working all weekend to write the perfect jokes.

“Soccer Bar Talk” is a brand new segment at HotFooty where we blatantly eavesdrop on arguments or whining between soccers fans at the bar and report it back to you to the best of our ability.

Todays segment will be a conversation I heard yesterday between two Arsenal fans and two Manchester United fans.

Participants names have been to changed to protect their identity because I didn’t ask their permission to do this. 

Ryan Gosling: Did anyone just see that goal vs united? Bicycle kick from the 18 into the upper corner and the ball was crossed from 40 Yards from goal.

John Cusack: Sounds like you stink again haha and no I don’t know where to watch Europa. Do you to subscribe to ESPN the Ocho or something?

30 minutes later

John Cusack: Is Pogba down?

Ryan Gosling: Pogba Down!

John Cusack: Little limpy? Arsenal vs. united in ten days.

Ryan Gosling: Wonderful. Jose hasn’t rested him in one game all year…this was bound to happen eventually.

Jude Law enters bar

Jude Law: Jose seems like a GREAT coach.

Ryan Gosling: Has Arsène ever won the Champions League? Or the Premier League in the last decade? Not at his best right now, that is for sure…

Jude Law: Not in the last decade no, but did Jose win those over a decade ago? Older is better.

Ryan Gosling: Won the premier league with Chelsea two years ago!

John Cusack: And then dragged them into sub europa spot.

Bradeley Coooper A soft spoken guy (who I assume is a Manchester United fan) at the end of the bar who seemed detached and not part of the group holds out his phone and shows this picture:

The End