If you watched Ecuador truck Haiti 4-0 last night you would have seen West Ham’s Enner Valencia light it up with a goal and two assists.  See video of his goal at the bottom of this post. It was a fantastic display of poise. For that reason we will feature the mascot he made proud last night:


Team: West Ham United (Founded in 1895)

Town: Stratford, East London, England

Home: Olympic Stadium(Capacity: 60,000)

League: English Premier League

Final Position 2015/16: 7th Place

Key Features: Granite Hammer Head, Jaundice eyes, Buzz Light Year body.

Hammerhead had to be constructed by Sid from Toy Story right? This is a hodgepodge of a mascot. He is part robot,hammer and Buzz Light Year. That type of trauma is going to have some serious side effects.

From what little video evidence I can find of Hammerhead he likes to dance hard! If he is the only one on the dance floor it emboldens him. He knows he scares people off with his intensity and does not give a damn.

He reminds me a little bit of a Jersey Shore character and I am pretty sure he’s on the bean as well.