Ozzie the Owl and his club Sheffield Wednesday came one step closer to crushing the hopes and dreams of Brighton & Hove Albion on Saturday beating The Gulls  2-0 in Leg 1 of the English League Championship Playoff.

3rd place Brighton and Hove Albion (89pts) losing to 6th place Sheffield Wednesday (74pts) highlights the diabolical nature of the League Championship playoffs. Imagine besting a team by 15 points and not getting promoted? What kind of sick being could actually take advantage of such a system and sleep at night…?

Ozzie the Owl


Team: Sheffield Wednesday F.C. (Founded in 1867)

Town: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Home: Hillsborough Stadium (Capacity: 39,732)

League: English Football League Championship

Current Position: 6th place

Key Features: Sad eyes, small pert beak, bulbous head and mohawk haircut.

The most dangerous thing about Ozzie the Owl is his sad yet, cute disposition. Did you ever have a buddy that is real quiet and doesn’t look like he’s having fun pre-gaming before going out because he is kind of shy? The girls you’re hanging out with ask “Whats wrong with your friend he is so quiet?”

Then you are at the club/bar and you look for your buddy and he is just crushing it on the dance floor. Boom mysterious factor initiated and all those girls are just dancing around him having the night of their life.

You wake up in the morning rubbing your eyes hungover and one of the girls is in his shirt making him eggs while he plays PS3.

Thats what Ozzie the Owl of Sheffield Wednesday does and his dance moves drip sex in a way that would make Prince purr.

Watch out Brighton and Hove Albion because Ozzie and his squad can ball yo! Tell your peoples.
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