I was on ESPNFC today to see if the league tables had been reset and indeed they have been. Which means Aston Villa is officialy on top of the English League Championship because their team starts with the letter A. I think it should be because the last in the Premier League should just dribble into the top of the English League…no?

Bella the Lion

Team: Aston Villa F.C. (Founded in 1874)

Town: Aston, Birmingham, England

Home: Villa Park (Capacity: 42,682)

League: English League Championship

Final Position 2015/16: Finished dead last in English Premier League

Key Features: Edgy punk mohawk, manly hands, Betty-Boop Blue Eyes

Ok, so I don’t how best to put this but…Bella is mischievous. She has been working her way through the top brass of EPL coaches. Now I don’t have proof per se, but I am big reader of body language. You can’t fool this guy. Let’s take a look.

 Look at these two swapping lion smiles.

 Pellegrini playing hard to get…shes wagging that tail!

Eagles are king of the air and this one is smitten with this kitten!

If Arsène Wenger mated with Bella the Lion their child would look like King Moonracer from the Island of Misfit toys in Rudolph the Red Nose Rein deer.

King Moonracer FlyingKing Moonracer Sitting

This lion lady is running around to the opposing bench pre-game shaking that tail…diabolical.

She hypnotizes men with her joie de vivre and savoir faire.

On second thought I really can’t knock this commitment to Prince Williams club of choice. In fact I think I respect it.

She may be the only player on Aston Villa that put it all on the line last year. Come on boys take care of your girl and get her back into the Premier League where she belongs.


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