Happy “Opening Weekend” American soccer fans. I was going to write a romantic piece about how good it felt to wake up and watch the first 20 minutes of the Liverpool match on my phone under the covers in bed. I was going to write a heartwarming take on how nice it was to watch the 2nd half in my pajamas while sipping a piping hot mug of coffee on my couch. I was going to wax poetic on how lucky Americans are that we get to experiance premier league whilst eating a perfectly cooked omelette.

To do that would be a steaming pile of bullshit however and I stand by my original take on early morning premier league games.

Thanks to Simon Mignolet my ham and cheese omelette crested over my duodenum like Old Faithful.

Lovren sat over a free kick in his own half for 30 seconds unsure what to do and eventually looked to Mignolet to figure it out. Mignolet steps up…takes 15 seconds assess the situation and it kicks it out of bounds. Just a few minutes later he rolled the ball into the feet of Watford players like he was feeding ducks in Central Park.

This blog is not going to get into what looked good about Liverpool today, but to state that as a Liverpool fan morning games are not fun. Watching Liverpool’s defense struggle ┬áis no way to start your weekend morning.

In England you can have a pint and you have had a whole morning and early afternoon to get acclimated on match day.

I am not saying I don’t love Liverpool and that this game will somehow define the season. I am not being dramatic. I am just saying that watching this team in the early morning is bad for your GI tract.

Fellow American LFC fans this forum may help you: GERD and Heartburn Forum

Morning games are not a luxury…that is all.

This picture sums up my morning…

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P.S. Chelsea HAHA!