Danny,Dice and Hoff are back together in the studio to kick off 2017 by looking back on the highs and lows of 2016 and prospecting the year ahead. Last year gave us Tommy McNamara’s stunning goals, a maturing Jordan Morris and the end of Klinsmann’s tenure as coach of the USMNT. MLS will greet two new clubs in 2017 and some players will not be back in the league this year. Chelsea is dominating the English Premier League and there is a new team on top of The Championship.

HotFooty Best Soccer Moments of 2016:

Tommy McNamara’s goal against Portland Timbers
Dice: Ronaldo’s Entire 2016 (Forbes Article)
Hoff: Totenham losing 5-1 to Newcastle for Arsenal to come in 2nd

HotFooty’s Worst Soccer Moments of 2016:

Danny: Carlo Ruiz’s (Pescadito) goal against USMNT in Leg 1 Match

Dice: Leicester winning the Premier League.

Leicester City FC Clinch Premier League Title

Hoff: Attending 2/3 NYC Derby’s where NYCFC Lost in aggregate 11-1.


How do you feel about the immediate-post-game-manager interview?

How do you think Pep and Klopp feel?

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Brighton and Hove Albion on top of the League Championship

Thanks to the help of 33 Year Old Glenn Murray