Get your steel mesh shark suit ready for HotFooty’s Copa America Uruguay preview. From now until the Copa America opening game on June 3rd HotFooty will be profiling the top teams entering into the oldest tournament in the world. Did you know Luis Suarez cut his teeth playing for Uruguay’s Club Nacional de Football?  Can you even point out Uruguay on a map? I’m the guy that’s going to take you to Uruguay….lets go.

Uruguay – Team Info

Team nickname: La Celeste (The Sky Blue One)

Current FIFA world ranking: 9

Home stadium: Estadio Centenario

Copa America wins: 15

World Cup wins: 2 (1930 & 1950)

Randomest Fact: In 1924 Uruguay traveled to Paris,FR to become the first South American team to play in Olympic games.

Biggest Rivals

Argentina and Uruguay share a border and the countries respective capitals (Buenos Aries and Montevideo) are about 150 miles apart as the crow flies. Argentina is much larger land wise and it’s name conjures up visions of Maradona and Messi. Uruguay rests to the east like a small appendage and conjures up visions of captain Luis Suarez digging into mens shoulders like a great white shark on whale blubber.

Following a 4-2 win over Argentina for their first World Cup Win in 1930, an angry mob attacked the Uruguayan consulate in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Now we got bad blood, Hey!”

Featured Player to watch

Luis Suarez – Or not. The Barcelona superstar left the Copa Del Rey Final with a hamstring injury leaving his Copa America status in doubt.

Suarez left the field in tears and he must have felt the weight of his country on his shoulders as his La Liga responsibilities were ending soon after.

He is still on the squad and is traveling to be with the team on June 1st.  At the end of the day, if Suarez plays; Uruguay is going to be favorite. If he does not play Argentina might slide into that position.

[MEDICAL REPORT] Luis Suárez diagnosed with right hamstring injury:

Suarez is fast and he can pass as well as he shoots. His creativity is what puts him over the top. He has the ability to turn nothing into something. Many balls that would send most stumbling in chase stay in position for a perfect strike. See some moments below that I still dream about as a Liverpool fan

To sum it up, Suarez is most likely out for the group stage but, they may still be able to get through. If he can come back they will be deemed the favorite by many. If he remains on the sidelines “muy pocas posibilidades de ganar” (very little chance of winning..I think…blame google tranlastor or ayuda).


Other Players to Watch

Edinson Cavani (Forward – Paris Saint-Germain): This guy has been living in the shadow (literally) of Zlatan Ibrahimović. If you are not watching Champions League soccer you probably only know of him from World Cup. At times he works well in partnership with the Swedish superstar and sometimes it looks like he would rather shine in his own light. If he is going to play second fiddle maybe he would prefer to do it for a fellow countryman, rather than a well-know egomaniac. If Suarez doesn’t get on the pitch it will be his opportunity to prove to the world he is worth knowing about.

José María Giménez (Defender – Atletico Madrid): When people think of Uruguayan defenders they usually think of Diego Godín because he looks like Count Chocula and is one of the more senior backs. Mr.Giménez on the other hand is 9 years his junior and could be the future leader of this squad. He is an animal and will sacrifice his body like William Wallace…”Copaaaaaa.”

Ah 1, Ah 2, Chocolate!

Games to watch

Uruguay takes on Mexico June 5th. Each team brings heat like a smoke stack at the Siracha factory. They have split wins in their last two meetings 1-0. Suarez will definitely not be available for this game but, you know who will be? A guy by name of Javier “Chicharito” Hernández and he smells weakness. Rumors swirled in April that Bayern Munich had their eyes on “The Little Pea.” If he shines in the Copa his stock will be rising and he knows it. Cavani may play second chair for Ibrahimović and Suarez…but not for a “Little Pea.”


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