If you’re looking to watch premier league in New York City, Baker Street on the Upper East Side is a great place to watch soccer. Fans of all teams are made to feel welcome in this chill spot, though the bar’s allegiance is to old Trafford. So if you’re trying to watch Manchester United in NYC in a more relaxed environment, or just want to grab a decent bite to eat while catching up on English footy, this is your spot.

There’s a very solid amount of seating room in this bar/restaurant, but if you’re trying to sit for a MUFC game definitely get there ahead of time. Also, you might want to check if there is any Rugby or Australian Rules Football matches going on because they play those too and it can get a lot busier when that happens. Overall though you’re more likely to get a seat here than most of the other soccer bars.


New York City, Upper East Side (63rd St/1st Ave)

How Many TVs are there to watch soccer on?

There are at least six 32″ TVs and a few smaller TVs tucked into nooks throughout the restaurant.

How Many floors have TVs?


Does the bar/venue have a team allegiance?

Manchester United FC for Premier League and NYCFC for MLS games (pub partner of club as of 2016). It’s not overly MUFC though and they play most games so fans of all clubs are welcome.

How is the Beer quality?

They serve a large selection of craft beers alongside your typical mass produced brews. With over 15 beers on tap expect to see American craft classics like Dogfish, Bells, and Allagash.

How is the food?

Surprisingly good bar food and the brunch special is top notch ($15 for meal and two drinks). Don’t expect a high end NYC meal but not sure why you’d be expecting that at a soccer bar.

How is the service?

The wait staff is friendly and comes by all the tables fairly regularly. In the several times I’ve been there there’s never been an issue, even when it’s crowded.

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Baker Street Pub
1152 1st Avenue (north-east corner of 63rd Street and 1st Ave)
New York, NY 10065
Baker Street Pub Website and Sports Calendar 
(212) 688-9663

Open at 11AM all days (or whenever there is a Manchester United game they’ll open early)

#HotFootyBarReviews Rating

HotFooty Ranking 4 Hoofs

4 Hoofs out of 5

Gains points for: Ease of which you can get a drink, the chill factor of the bar and ability to get seats, TVs everywhere you look, quality of beer selection and good bar food.

Loses points for: It’s not a great atmosphere for big matches where you want to get pumped up, There are a lot of TVs but some of them are smaller, when a big Aussie Rules Football or Rugby match comes on it can take over the bar (make sure to check the calendar),

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