Looking for a good soccer bar in Greenwich Village or a decent place to watch soccer in NYC period? Are you looking for an Everton bar in NYC to commisserate with your Goodison Park friends? Check out Mr. Dennehy’s. It’s an unassuming spot to catch a game, but the service is quick, the food surprisingly good, and the beers are what you’d expect. Oh, and they actually care about footy there.


Greenwich Village, NYC

How Many TVs are there to watch soccer on?

It’s hard to have a bad view here. There are 6 large TVs to pick from, and my favorite part is that they play the sound for the game and switch back to music for half time. Sorry Alexi Lalas, but I’d rather Bruce Springsteen.

How Many floors have tvs?


Does the bar/venue have a team allegiance?

Everton FC. They hang some Everton gear over the bar and obviously play their games. But they also feature USMNT games and get a lively crowd for those. It’s a great alternative to a spot like Smithfield though where you’re lucky to get in for USA v MEX.

How is the Beer quality?

Slightly above average. They have their own beer on tap, give it a go, but they’ve got all the regulars as well. Expect your typical seasonal stuff alongside Guinness, Stella, etc. If you need a bud light bottle they’ve also got you covered, but, please don’t do that unless under duress. Typically stocked set of rail and top shelf liquor. Wine if you need it.

How is the food?

It’s not high end dining, but for a NYC irish bar this is a great menu. More options than you’d expect and the food is actually good. Buffalo chicken wrap seems to be a favorite. Po Boy was pretty good. No need to eat somewhere else before a game though, get here a bit early, plop down, and eat here.

How is the service?

Great service. If you’re at the bar they are all over it, even when it’s busy. They have a bunch of tables as well where service is easy to get. If it’s a problem when you go I’d be surprised.


HotFooty Ranking 4 Hoofs

4 Hoofs out of 5

Gains points for: Ease of getting drinks/food, visibility for the game and number of tables, playing the sound for the game but switching to music at halftime, and not being so crowded you smell some fat bastard’s farts the whole game

Loses points for: Crowd is into soccer, but not the same craziness you’ll see at Nevada Smiths or Smithfield Hall. Which can be a good thing depending on the game/mood, but can be depressing also. Unimaginative beer selection, though a quarter point back for having their own beer on draft.


Mr. Dennehy’s
63 Carmine Street
New York, NY 10014



Definitely call ahead or check their facebook page / website to see what games they are playing. They play a bunch of UFC/Rugby and the major American sports.



Open 11am everyday but Sunday. Sunday open at 10am. May open earlier for Everton games, give them a call ahead to be sure.

mr dennehys nyc soccer bar

the two big tvs in this room are on the wall this picture was taken from

mr dennehys behind the bar - everton bar nyc

Mr Dennehy’s showing off their USMNT and Everton gear