Astoria Tavern is HotFooty’s unofficial-neighborhood soccer bar. Our studio is located just a few blocks away. It is the official bar of  Queens chapter of the American Outlaws however (Chapter #164).


I went here for a game during Copa America and it was playing on all of the TV’s and blasting through the speakers. It was also full of supporters dressed in stars and stripes.

On February 3rd we went there for the friendly against Jamaica and were disappointed that there was only a group of 4 in attendance to watch the game. The sound wasn’t being played which was disappointing and we had to get the game turned onto the biggest TV. You would hope for more from the official bar of the Outlaws but, it was a friendly…on a Friday (FYI I went food shopping after).

The bar was full of people hanging out; they just weren’t very interested in the game. Some did take notice when Jordan Morris scored and did a pretty intense sky punch.

They don’t serve food but, there is plenty of places to order food around. Don’t be shocked to see a seamless delivery guy strolling through  holding two bags of tacos calling someones name.

Fat kid alert! If you are going for a day game be sure to get a sub from Sal,Chris and Charlie’s  next door which is arguably one of the best sub shops in NYC.

The bar is clean and they have 360° of TV’s of various sizes throughout the space. In the far end of the bar where a drop down screen is typically located they have a gigantic flat screen in it’s stead.

I have walked up to the bar on a Tuesday afternoon to watch Liverpool and the bartender was happy to switch the station on the TV directly in front of me. Now that is service.

There were only a few local guys sitting at the bar and one other Liverpool fan. The important thing was that the game was on and the bartender (she hailed from Ireland) chatted about Premier League with me extensively.

It really is a classic Irish tavern and if you like watching the game in a low key environment and your in the neighborhood, Astoria Tavern is the place for you.



Astoria – Ditmars, Queens

How Many TVs are there to watch soccer on?


How Many floors have tvs?


Does the bar/venue have a team allegiance?


How is the Beer quality?

Solid selection of beers. They pour a proper Guinness and they have a few Euro-Lagers like Carlsberg and Redeberger. They also have some beers from craft brewers like Brooklyn Brewery and Green Flash IPA was on tap during the Jamaica game.


How is the food?

No Food


How is the service?

Bartenders are friendly and attentive and are not bogged down by food service.


3 Hoofs out of 5

HotFooty Ranking 3 Hoofs

Gains points for:

Friendly bartenders and willingness to change programming for Soccer fans.

Loses points for:

No food and soccer is secondary to just hanging out and being social. Honestly, if this were a review of local Irish Bars this would be a plus but, it’s a soccer bar review…got it? Solid dart board situation too.