Watch Soccer in Midtown NYC

So Smithfield Hall is way too packed and you need a decent soccer bar to catch the game at? Grey Bar is a very viable option. Located only a block from the classic soccer venue, Grey Bar does it’s best to fill the high-end sports bar role. It presents itself as a soccer bar, at least when we’ve been there, but when going to the bar to watch a critical Copa America game that happened to be on at the same time as the NBA finals, guess which game got the sound? Yeah, we watched Jermaine Jones punch that dudes face and get a red card to the soundtrack of Lebron James whining about something. Got to be frank here, that was less than ideal and deducted serious hoofs from the hoof scale. Otherwise, it’s an average to solid spot.


New York City, Midtown / Flatiron (26th and 6th)

How Many TVs are there to watch soccer on?

There are at least six large flat screens. Lots of places to look to watch. If there’s a major sporting event on other than soccer though, you’ll probably be competing with that sport.

How Many floors have tvs?


Does the bar/venue have a team allegiance?

Not really

How is the Beer quality?

They serve a typical selection of large brewery beers mixed in with some decent mid-size breweries. They actually have a small wine/champaigne menu which somehow doesn’t feel out of place here. It’s not a fancy place by any means, but it’s newer and seems to want to be a bit more upscale.

How is the food?

Random, but solid. Want seared Ahi Tuna with your Guinness? How about shrimp and arugula thin crust pizza? The food is actually not bad so if you’re doing a brunch/dinner situation and don’t feel like doing two places, you’ll be OK. Get the wings, at a minimum so other people can smell them and like you.

How is the service?

So far so good, very typical bar service which is attentive even during big games. Though when I asked to change the sound on a game I was basically told “no.” So not sure how to feel about that, although it was a bit of a special circumstance so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt here. Another random thing about this bar is they had candles on at the long tables separating the bar area from the tables, which resulted in a girl standing in the bar area to have her hair catch on fire. So…hoping that’s changed.


Grey Bar
43 West 26th Street (Between 6th and Broadway)
New York 10010.
Grey Bar Website

Open at 11AM everyday. Call ahead if you want to watch a specific game to make sure they have it

Watch Soccer in midtown NYc - grey bar

#HotFootyBarReviews Rating

HotFooty Ranking 2 Hoofs

2 Hoofs out of 5

Gains points for: Higher end atmosphere, decent food, usually not too crowded, enough TVs that you’ll have a good look no matter where you are in the bar, decent beer menu.

Loses points for: Is really just a general sports bar and not a soccer bar. Had soccer decorations up EVERYWHERE yet was playing NBA over the USMNT in Copa America. The menu is a bit much honestly. Do we really need lollipop lamb chops to watch Chris Wondolowski?