Watch the Belgian National Team in NYC

The Belgian National Team is stacked and so is this Belgian Beer Bar.

BXL’s philosophy of  treating Belgian beers with respect in terms of presentation and pairing makes them very unique and the ambience is matched by the food. In some ways this is more of a casual dining spot but, much like in Belgium, standing around the bar is welcomed.

The menu features Belgian staples like moules frites (mussels and fries), bitterballen (meat and cheese croquette balls of goodness) and Carbonade (Beef braised with beer). If you are a snob like me, you will get a cheese and charcuterie board to pick at while you are watching the game. 

BXL is a popular destination for its beer selection but, it is even more popular as a destination for Belgian natives looking for a place to feel at home.

There are not many TV’s and the ones they have are quite small.

What makes up for that is watching “The Red Devils” with actual supporters while drinking top notch beer.

A signed Eden Hazard jersey on the wall is all you need to feel that your are in a Footy Friendly space.

Belgium is currently ranked by FIFA as the #1 team in Europe and they will be facing Italy in the group stage of the UEFA Euro 2016 on Monday, June 13th at 3pm.

If you see a guy wearing HotFooty Soccer Dress Socks at the bar mention HotFooty and he may buy you a beer.


New York City, Flatiron

How Many TVs are there to watch soccer on?

As long as you are in front of the bar you will be able to see the game. Five 20 inch screens hang just over your head and for big games a projector is set up at the far end of the bar. However the projector screen is situated so that only 1/3 of the crowd can actually enjoy the view.

How Many floors have tvs?


Does the bar/venue have a team allegiance?

Belgian National Team, Chelsea FC (because of Hazard).

If a Belgian is playing for the team like Mignolet on Liverpool…the game will be on.

How is the Beer quality?

Top Notch. A very well curated selection of Belgian bottles including rare finds like Petrus Aged Pale and Hommel Bier as well as 10 drafts including the dangerous Gulden Draak, Malheur and a house session beer called Cuvee BXL.

Tapa at BXL


How is the food?

With such a sophisticated beer menu you can imagine the food menu is equally impressive. Beyond the staples mentioned you should definitely try their Spaghetti Bolognese ($16). A selection of toasts are a great finger food. Mussel Pots are $22 and the appetizers range from $8-$15. This is by no means a cheap date but its worth it for a refined game time experiance…if thats what your looking for. Find their menu here.

How is the service?

Great service. If a waiter is not checking in on you regularly the management will sweep in to fill the need and its done in a very casual non-intrusive manner. You will not be let down. Very professional.


HotFooty Ranking 3.5 Hoofs

3.5 Hoofs out of 5

Gains points for: Unique viewing experiance and quality of beer & food.

Loses points for: Limited standing room and the small number and size of TV’s




BXL Zoute

50 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010

(646) 692-9282