Watch Arsenal in New York City at the Blind Pig

Whether you’re visiting NYC or are a Union Square local, the Blind Pig is a cozy and friendly spot to watch an Arsenal game. They are open for every Arsenal game, regardless of the starting time, and as a solely Arsenal bar, you know you’ll be surrounded by die hard fans.

Depending on the game or if you want to sit, you’ll need to get there before the game starts. This isn’t the type of place where if you get there a few minutes after kick-off you’ll be stopped at the door, but if you’re going for a London Derby or FA Cup Final type game you’ll want to be prepared to be standing side to side with some beverage toting fans.


New York City, Union Square

How Many TVs are there to watch soccer on?

There are at least six 32″ TVs and three large projector screens. It’s hard to have a bad view for the game.

How Many floors have tvs?


Does the bar/venue have a team allegiance?

Arsenal FC only

How is the Beer quality?

They serve a typical selection of large brewery beers. If you’re not drinking Guinness (and you should be, and they pour it well), expect to be drinking something Budweiser, Miller, or Heineken owned. They’ll serve a typical rail drink and do have some ‘house’ cocktails, but please, just order a Guinness.

How is the food?

You won’t see too many plates here during a game, but if you’re starving there’s a small bar menu with all the staples.  Expect to pay around $10 for most meals and $13 if you stay for brunch which comes with a complimentary cocktail or you can upgrade it to ‘bottomless.’ Here’s my suggestion, unless you have a table and aren’t a picky eater, eat before or after the game at one of the many restaurants around nearby Union Square.

How is the service?

The wait staff roams the floor during the game taking drink orders, but if you start your tab away from the bar be aware that you need to pay it with your server. All bartenders and waiters are attentive and tend to make the rounds fairly quickly. Can’t go wrong with that type of service.



Blind Pig
233 East 14th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Ave.)
New York, NY 10003
Blind Pig NYC
(212) 209-1573

Open at 11AM on Weekends (or whenever there is an Arsenal game)

#HotFootyBarReviews Rating

HotFooty Ranking 3.5 Hoofs

3.5 Hoofs out of 5

Gains points for: ease of which you can get a drink, the strength of support for Arsenal, the number of TVs, and the relative ‘chill’ factor of the bar (you’ll probably be able to have a conversation over the sound of the game and other bar patrons, although it can and should get a bit loud at times. If you aren’t OK with that, you probably should watch at home).

Loses points for: size of the bar and number of seats, generally basic beer and food selection